I have finally installed the island block top and it looks GREAT. You can check out what it looks like by clicking on the ‘Butcher block Top’ link above. There are some pictures and a few pointers on what and how I did it. There is also a little paragraph on the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig. This little item is absolutely perfect when trying to join wood together and have the screw heads vanish into a perfectly drilled angled hole. I had a blast with this.

I was recently notified that the ‘Saw’ section does not cover power saws such as battery and electric hand saws. Of course there are many different types of saws for different applications, but message received. I will be updating the section to include saws that you can plug in or attach a battery to.

Everyone knows that the time of year that ushers in a bunch of outdoor DIY projects is approaching fast. Goodness knows that I have my share to complete. I will try to document the steps involved as I tackle some of the best jobs for the summer time. One last thing, I will try to incorporate some videos in this blog as that is what the feedback says I should do. Leave messages or drop me a line and I might mention you in the next update. Have a great day and stay safe.